If you are serious about calisthenics then you should be ready to train any time, any place, and that means at home.

A solid power tower is an essential piece of kit for anyone looking to build bulk, get ripped and add strength.

Today we’re going to perform a full XMark Powerbase Power Tower Review to see if it lives up to the hype.


• Includes vertical knee raise (VKR), pull-up station, dip station, and weight assist attachment • Split grip pull up station for narrow parallel, narrow and wide grip pull ups
• Weight assist attachment with 4 weight assist bands with 3 pop pin adjustments
• Tricep dip handles spaced 22” apart
• Extra thick 3” Duraguard cushions
• Tear and sweat resistant Duraguard vinyl
• Bolted on skid resistant feet
• Scratch resistant, baked powder coat finish


• Weight capacity: 600 lbs.
• Assembled dimensions: 64” x 29.5” x 82”
• Heavy duty 11 gauge 2” x 3” mainframe construction


Doable within 2 hours by one person, possibly half that if you have company. Good instructions and solid, dependable parts.


The first thing we look for in a power tower is sturdiness and the XMark does not disappoint. Being heavy works in its favour here and allows you to perform your reps without any interference from wobbling.

The possibility to add assisted dip / pull-up functionality makes this a real winner with beginners and experts alike.


This beast is available at $849.00 at the time of writing, that’s a massive $400 saving off the $1249.00 RPP!

Check it out on Amazon here: http://amzn.to/1Svt0e3 (US) http://amzn.to/1HZk66w (UK Alternative)