If you’ve made it this far then you’re clearly interested in taking your workouts to the next level and that, in a nutshell, is what bodyweight exercise can do for you. So, what is calisthenics?

If you’re reading this book then the chances are you’ve already looked into calisthenics, probably read a few articles and watched some videos of seemingly superhuman feats of strength from famous practitioners such as Eric Grover and Frank Medrano.

These guys have it all; traps that reach up to their ears, sculpted shoulders, bulging chests, forearms like Popeye, abs you could grate cheese on and legs that could propel them to the moon. And all without pumping iron? Well, pretty much.


Calisthenics, by definition, is a form of exercise that consists of various gross motor movements using your own bodyweight for resistance, normally without equipment or apparatus with the exception of basic items such as a pull-up bar.

This is the art of training your body as it was meant to be trained; not by isolating muscle groups and using man-made machinery which you would never find in the real world but by using the tools you already have. Your body becomes your gym and you work it as nature intended.


Calisthenics is the art of strengthening your entire body as a unit; eliminating each weak link in the chain until every fiber of your being is working in harmony to form extraordinary levels of strength.

Training like this achieves results you can use in the real world. Think about it, how often do you need to bicep curl something, or flap cables around over your head? These are all man-made inventions designed to make single muscle groups strong IN THE GYM but as soon as we step outside it becomes irrelevant.

To perform at maximum capacity in other sports or just go about your everyday life as the best possible version of yourself you need to be strong everywhere, not just in certain places.

Calisthenics strengthens every muscle group and every link between those muscle groups. It is the ultimate form of exercise for creating true strength that you can use every day whether it be for regular tasks, sport or just showing off!


The simple answer to this question is…everyone. Practicing calisthenics can help anyone achieve a stronger, fitter, more flexible body.

Whether you are a lean athlete seeking to strengthen your entire body, a 180 pound bodybuilder requiring greater range of motion or just completely new to all forms of exercise you WILL feel the benefits of bodyweight work.

Don’t just take our word for it. Professional sports teams and military regiments often utilize calisthenics for its explosive results and practical application. You can use your bodyweight to train any place, any time, making it the benchmark fitness solution across the world.

Don’t get stuck performing isolated exercises in the gym, practice calisthenics and take your gym with you wherever you go!

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