Push-ups are a key part of calisthenics and getting some variation in is crucial to testing your upper body in different ways. Join us for our JFIT Pro Push-Up Bars review to see if these are worth adding to your arsenal!


  • Offers a greater range of motion than traditional push-up bars
  • Padded grips provide cushioning as you perform various push-ups and dips
  • Nonskid feet keep bars from sliding on floor
  • Chromed steel with black handles


  • 9 x 17 x 3 inches (WxHxD)


Simple 5-minute set-up.


Variation on core exercises is the key to success in calisthenics and anything you can add to your home gym is a bonus.

For us, something to elevate yourself off the ground for exercises such as push-ups and dips is essential for everyone from complete beginner to expert level. The JFIT bars represent a very cost effective solution to meet this criteria.

First and foremost, these things are sturdy thanks to their steel tube construction. We’ve had 300lb+ guys go at them without any issues whatsoever.

The grippy feet are a nice touch and make all the difference when you are trying to focus on form. The same can be said for the comfortable hand grip which fills the palm nicely.

Portability is not a problem as the units are small enough to throw in the back of the car and take anywhere which is perfect for those who prefer to exercise on the go or outdoors.

These bars are versatile too, doubling up as a set of parallettes for anyone looking to improve on their planches etc. We wouldn’t go as far as recommending them for handstands any beyond, but they’re certainly good for the basics.

It’s worth noting that beginners may want something with more ground clearance if using as parallettes, but that shouldn’t count against them since they are marketed as push-up bars.

Overall these are a great bit of kit for the price. We would have concerns over durability over the course of 1+ years as the bars use simple wing nuts in their construction but by that time you will likely have progressed to something bigger and better anyway.


The JFIT pro push-up bars are available for $29.65 at the time of writing.


NB: These are US only, check out http://amzn.to/2hzidWm for a UK alternative!