Here at PCHQ we’re all about great form, which is why we love anything and everything that makes mastering an exercise quicker and easier. Having a spotter is great, but not always practical, so in this post we’re going to show you to how to use exercise bands for calisthenics to give your form the boost it needs.

The below is a paraphrased from Calisthenics 101’s excellent blog post showing 10 ways to use exercise bands for bodyweight exercise. Try these 3 beginner moves, and if you’re hungry for more head on over to see the full post!

1. Pull-Ups
Pull Ups With BandsPull-Ups With Bands
The pull-up is a key exercise which everybody should be drilling as part of their workouts. If you find them difficult because you’re new or are carrying quite a lot of weight, try using a resistance band for support. Once you’ve nailed the basics you can use the bands to help you with more challenging grips.

2. Dips Dips With BandsDips With Bands

The dip is another essential technique you should be working hard to master. Just loop a band over the bars and use it as a ‘seat’ to hold some of your weight when performing a dip. Make sure to work hard on your form here, lower yourself down until your elbows are at a right angle with your upper arms and parallel to the ground.

3. Press-ups/Push-ups
Push-Ups With BandsPush-Ups With Bands
There’s no shame in struggling with a push-up, especially as a beginner. There’s also others out there who like to try more advanced variations, so try using a band in either case for assistance.

For this you’ll need to attach the band to something solid above you (such as rings) and then position yourself inside the band so that it is underneath your arm pits and supporting your chest. Voila, instant spotter!

Don’t forget to head on over to calisthenics 101 to discover more ways to use your bands!