The name suggests that this dip station is sturdy enough for even the biggest of beasts to knock out their dips on. Let’s get going with our Gorilla Sports Dip Station review!


  • For triceps  chest exercises
  • Very stable and robust
  • Maximum load: 150Kg
  • Portable

Dimensions / Weight:

  • (L x W x H): 98 cm x 65 cm x 125 cm
  • 20 kg


Easy 15-minute set-up, own tools required.


The first thing we do with a dip station is put our heaviest guy on it, and we are pleased to report that the Gorilla Sports unit held up well under 100 kg force. We do not doubt that it could take another 50 as advertised but we cannot see many people of that size using something like this.

Stability is good too with the support structure doing its job well meaning you can focus on form rather than fighting a wobbly frame.

Despite its sturdiness the unit is light enough to be moved around by one person which is especially useful for those who are always adding new things into their home gyms.

It’s quiet in use, too, so you won’t wake anybody up with creaking or crunching whilst using it. Unless those noises are coming from your own body, that is!

We don’t think there is any real substitute for a full-sized dip station but we also understand that not everybody has the budget or the space to accommodate one.

The GS dip station is a great compromise and represents good value for those looking to add crucial tricep / chest exercises into their regime.


The BMP dip station is available for £72.26 at the time of writing.


NB: This is UK only, check out for a US Alternative!