You may have started your calisthenics journey with our free taster program. If you were serious about seeing results, you may have moved onto our highly recommended 12-week system.

But what have you been doing since then?

Just going through the motions, turning up to training every few days, repeating the same sets and reps as last time, promising yourself that you’ll really ‘get back into it’ next week?

Perhaps your training has dropped off entirely. Life gets in the way, and you weren’t seeing great results anyway, so why bother?

If any of this sounds familiar, the diagnosis is clear: you need a proper training program.

There is simply no substitute for structure.

Why do you think school days are regimented into individual lessons, spread across the week with periodic reviews? Do you think students would learn anything if they just turned up and winged it every day for six years?

What about work? What would that look like without proper processes in place to ensure everybody knows their task and is supervised to completion? Like a chicken coup with all the cage doors left open, probably!

So, if you’re expecting to see results without a proper training program in place, you are deluding yourself. It just ain’t gonna happen, folks.

So, what to do?

Well, your options are simple: either invest in yourself and buy a proper online calisthenics training program, or hire a personal trainer. The former is best suited to small budgets, as calisthenics personal trainers are expensive and kind of hard to come by, but great if you can find / afford one!

Whether you choose to try our original recommended 12-week program (check it out here) or hire a personal trainer is up to you – the important thing is that you take action NOW and put an end to half-assed training and half-baked results.

If you’ve already started or gone through the 12-week program, congrats on taking action! You can check out the upgrades available by logging into the program.

Whatever you do, just do something. The bullshit ends here!