Getting into calisthenics is a big step, which is why we’ve designed a calisthenics workout routine for beginners to help you through the initial stages.

The program runs alongside our book ‘Calisthenics for Beginners‘ but can also be downloaded and used as a standalone routine if you already know what you are doing…just be sure you do!

We challenge you to stick to the schedule religiously until you are able to perform every single exercise, set and rep with perfect form.

For most people this will take around a month of dedicated work, but you may get there a little sooner or later depending on your current level of ability.

Remember, laying down a solid foundation is the key to building anything great. Do not be tempted to skip forward because you will just hamper your progress with bad form.

Nail the fundamentals and the rest will come to you much easier. When you’ve done that just check back in with us and we’ll raise the bar!

Click the image below to get your free bodyweight training routine now.

Beginners Calisthenics Routine