Dips are one of the fundamental exercises in calisthenics so you’d better be knocking them out! Black Mountain claims to have one of the best portable set-ups so let’s see what this baby can do.


  • 3000 lbs rated dip station
  • Easy assembly and functionality
  • Stabilizing pads for any surface
  • Soft foam grips
  • Lifetime warranty

Dimensions / Weight:

  • 35 x 22 x 37 inches
  • 22.4 lb


Extremely simple 5-minute set-up.


One thing a dip station absolutely must have is rock solid performance. We don’t want any wobbling around when we are trying to squeeze out those final few reps.

We are pleased to report that the Black Mountain dip station does not disappoint in this regard and even performed well under the weight of our 200 lb test model.

Width is good for most people, as is height and you can really get a full range of motion with your legs tucked under.

The foam grips are a nice touch and prevent you from thinking about your hands when you are trying to work out your upper body.

All in all this is a solid buy for the price and its portability makes it a must have for anyone assembling a home gym.


The BMP dip station is available for $78.99 at the time of writing.


NB: This is US only, check out http://amzn.to/1ms8kI5 for a UK alternative!