Bodyweight exercise is sweeping the globe, with more and more people waking up to the benefits every day. Here’s our top 5 reasons why you should learn calisthenics NOW!

1. No gym neededLearn Calisthenics Outdoors

Think about that. No more having to wait for equipment. No more sitting in other people’s ass sweat. No more naked old guys sitting down in front of your lock EVERY SINGLE TIME.

You can do calisthenics just about everywhere. From the local park to your own front room, anywhere is game to train.

2. Total body strengthHuman Flag

There is simply no other training system that provides the kind of total body strength you will achieve through calisthenics.

Traditional forms of exercise such as free weights are designed to work out individual muscle groups, but bodyweight exercise brings everything together to form unparalleled levels of strength.

3. It’s ridiculously fun

Human Flags

Remember when working out used to be fun? Dragging your ass to the gym to do the same old routine can become something of a chore, but calisthenics offers you the opportunity to train in new ways every single day.

Get that ‘new routine’ feeling every time you workout by taking on a bodyweight routine today.

4. It builds mass AND gets you shredded

Lazar Novovic

People often ask if they can build mass AND strength through calisthenics. The simple answer is you can acheive anything you want.

If you eat and train for mass, you will build mass. If you eat and train to be lean and shredded, you will get lean and shredded.

Whatever your goals, calisthenics will help you smash through them!

5. It’s growing like hell

Calisthenics Gym

The Calisthenics movement is spreading over the globe rapidly. More and more people are waking up to the myriad of benefits that bodyweight exercise has to offer.

It looks like the future of fitness is slowly changing and by adopting calisthenics now you can get a head start on your own social group and community.

You will blow people away with your new found strength and encourage them to join you on the journey.